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Information about how to contact us and what to consider when visiting a lodge within the Swedish Order of Freemasons.

Addresses and telephone numbers

The Bååth’s palace in Stockholm functions as Sweden’s Masonic Temple. It was built in 1666. In 1874, Swedish Order of Freemasons acquired and carefully reconstructed it to Masonic specifications.

Svenska Frimurare Orden
(The Swedish Order of Freemasons – Grand Lodge of Sweden)
Nybrokajen 7, 2 tr

+46 8 463 37 06                   e-mail:  sts@frimurarorden.se
(Grand Secretary)
+46 8 463 37 10                   e-mail: foreign@frimurarorden.se
(International Relations)

+46 8 463 37 19


Information – Lodge visit

Can Brethren from foreign Grand Lodges, regardless of religious belief, visit a Lodge in Sweden?

The Swedish Rite practiced in Sweden and the Swedish speaking parts of Finland is based on Christian faith. The other Nordic countries Denmark, Norway and Iceland are also practicing The Swedish Rite

According to the General Law of the Grand Lodge of Sweden, 16.1, admission to the Order can only be granted to men of Christian faith. His proposer and seconder will ensure this be forehand. To which church he belongs is solely a question for his own conscience.

The reason behind this requirement is that the Swedish Rite is an integrated system. A Mason Brother belongs to the Grand Lodge from the first Degree to the highest – passing through the Craft Lodge Degrees (I-III), the St. Andrew’s Lodge Degrees (IV-VI) into the Priory Degrees (VII-X). The later (called Chapter in the Swedish Rite) is, like most Priories in the Masonic world, based on Christian legends and symbols. There is no requirement for a candidate to the Grand Lodge of Sweden that he must formally be a member of the Swedish Church.

Master Masons in good standing in a lodge belonging to a masonic organization recognized by the Swedish Order of Freemasons have the possibility of attending meetings in Swedish lodges in the degrees I-III.

A visit should be announced to the lodge in question well in advance. The visiting brother is expected to present a masonic passport or a clearance certificate/due card and is to appear with his regalia.

Dress code is dark suit, white shirt, black tie and black shoes.

Lodges in Sweden generally start at 6.30 pm and the work is followed by a fraternal meal. Visitors should be at the lodge house at least at 6 pm.

For lodge meetings in Stockholm it is advisable to contact the Chancellery well in advance by e-mail: foreign@frimurarorden.se or phone +46 8 463 37 10.

Outside Stockholm you may contact the Provincial Lodges as follows:
Skånska Provinsiallogen in Kristianstad (Southern Sweden)
Mail: spl@frimurarorden.se  phone:  +46 44 21 16 33

Göta Provinsialloge in Göteborg (South Western part of Sweden)
Mail: gpl@frimurarorden.se  phone +46 31 780 31 43
Östgöta Provinsialloge in Linköping (South Eastern part of Sweden)
Mail: öpl@frimurarorden.se  phone:  +46 13 24 86 41
Värmländska Provinsiallogen in Karlstad (North Western part of Sweden)
Mail: vpl@frimurarorden.se  phone: +46 54 14 40 80
Mellersta Norrlands Provinsialloge in Härnösand (Southern part of Northern Sweden)
Mail: mnpl@frimurarorden.se  phone: +46 611 136 59
Övre Norrlands Provinsialloge in Umeå (Northern part of Northern Sweden)
Mail: önpl@frimurarorden.se  phone:  +46 90 77 02 13
In Finland: Stor Capitlet in Helsinki
Mail: info@frimurarorden.fi  phone + 358 44 751 76 20